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Across the globe, shoes have always been a huge part of mainstream society. In many contexts, shoes are an expression of one’s lifestyle; aesthetic preferences, gender identity, and even social class. In other contexts, shoes are practically used for function and protection. However, when digging deeper, we are able to understand its underlying value; the cultural, social, and even political significance that shoes imply across all walks of life. Through shoes, we are able to express our individuality and lifestyle.

This issue of SHOEBAE, 'The Sneakerhead Issue', celebrates an international community of sneakerheads; exploring the functional, cultural, and personal relationships that individuals have with their kicks. 

wardrobe styling


Interviewees: Diamond Osoteo & Ella Avila

Photography: Hernani Sagra


Interviewee: Monica Fern



Kalliane Brémault 

Pierre Michel "Bboy Afternoon"Jean-Louis



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Photographer credits

Francesca Chudnoff 

Shawn Kimchi

Gregory "G-Freeze"

Glo Romy

Writers / article credits

Jonathon Kim (Toronto's Best Sneaker Spots)

Jessica Golden (Just Don't Quit)

Brian Josephs (Sneakers & Hip Hop)

Honor Moore (Red Shoes)

Design, Creative Direction, Art Direction & Fashion Styling by Glo Romy

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