Infographic Design & Data Visualization

This project (meant to be read as a foldable pamphlet) shares insights on the rise of misogyny within mainstream hip hop music. It focuses on the impact that toxic masculinity and misogyny have had within the hip hop industry, culture, and its consumers.

One of the processes I underwent for this project was researching the top 5 best selling rap albums of all time (Outkast, Eminem, Eminem, Biggie, & MC Hammer) and combing through every single lyric of every song, keeping track of how many times sexual objectification, violence towards women, and name-calling was used within their lyrics. Alongside that, I also took a tally of how many times the words "slut", "hoe", "bitch", and "whore" were used throughout their lyrics.

Throughout this project, I personally found myself to be intrigued, shocked, and even ashamed of the information I found regarding hip hop and its relation to misogyny.


As a ‘hip hop head’ - someone who listens to, dances to, and partakes in the overall culture of hip hop - this project brought exposed some dramatic insights about how hip hop has strayed away from its root form of social empowerment.

Ultimately, this pamphlet aims to expose, inform, and educate both participants and spectators of hip hop about the toxic impacts that misogyny has imposed on the culture of hip hop as a whole.

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